Azit System (English Version)



  • Azit (아지트) is a unique space where only clan members can access to the facilities. Each level of Azit provides the unique feature of Azit.
  • Clan leaders are able to access in Azit once they reach to the 5th Level or higher using Adena for the accessibility.
  • Clan members may also access in Azit through the Azit window.



– Level Up >> The amount of money which is required to upgrade Azit to the higher level.
– Dispel Outsiders >> Click this button to terminate the non-member of the Clan out from Azit.
– Entering Rules >> The regulation for the player who may be permitted to enter Azit.

  • Open (열림): all players are permitted to enter Azit.
  • Closed (닫힘): only clan members are permitted to enter Azit.

Azit Level

  • To pass to higher Azit Level, players requires to gainthe Activity Score from the following matters:- Azit quest accomplishment
    – Number of visitors in Azit
    – Preparing supper within Azit
  • Once the Activity Score has been collected completely, players may upgrade Azit to the higher level by spending an amount of clan adena.
  • After the Azit has been upgraded to the higher level, the area of Azit will be expanded.
  • Activity score will continue being collected, even though Azit level is not upgraded.
  • Azit level is irrelevant to the clan Level.

Azit Buff 

  • Each clan member will be given the individual passive buff according to the buff Level, however the given buff can be upgraded into the higher level by using the Crystal Piece of Bondage and the Proof of Blood.
  • Clan leader may upgrade the Azit buff level only when Azit level has already been upgraded, for example; the player has to be in the level 2 of Azit successfully before upgrading Azit buff to the level 2.
  • The Crystal Piece of Bondage can be collected from Azit quest.


azit buff eng.png

  • Azit Buff will be displayed on the character all the time.
  • Buff which helps to increase Adena and obtain the higher rate of items will affect the monsters only.

Azit Manager

Clan Leaders are able to hire the Azit Manager. Currently, there are two Azit Managers, as they are Quest Manager and Dinner caretaker.


The Managers’ skills are classified into 3 levels as follows:

Quest Manager
– Novice Manager: a manager in the training level, whom is authorized to employ only one quest per week and the quest is required to be in the beginner levels only.

– Skilled Manager:a manager in the intermediate level whom is authorized to employ only two quests per week and those quests are required to be in the beginner and intermediate levels only.

– Reputable Manager: a manager in the advance level whom is authorized to employ two quests per week and those quests can be in the beginner, intermediate or advance levels.

Dinner Caretaker

– Novice Manager is able to prepare the general dinner only.

– Skilled Manager is able to prepare the general and fine dinners.

– Reputable Manager is able to prepare the general, fine and the finest dinners.

  • The Clan Leaders need to press “Upgrade” button to upgrade the level of the Manager and clan adena is required for this upgrade.
  • Click “Employ Manager” to automatically hire the Manager and also modify the employment of the Manager in each level.
  • No adena is required if player select the Novice Manger.
  • Adena will be deducted after clicking “Upgrade” in the automatic mode and the system will collect the adena every Monday at 04:00 AM (Players may check Korea local time on the Azit Manager window, please see the above picture.)
  • For the case of insufficient adena occurred on the day of deduction (Monday), the system will reset the manager classification back to “Novice Manager”, immediately.
  • The wages will not be multiplied with the number of the employment days, for example: the player starts to hire the manager on Friday and the money will be deducted on Monday; the wages have to be calculated from last Tuesday to Monday (a day of deduction).

Quest Manager

Players can get into the Azit quest details by clicking on “quest” button.


Click here to enlarge the picture

  • Clan members may coordinate to accomplish the quest. The number of quest is varied for each clan member and depends on the level of the hired manager.
  • Once a Clan member has accepted the Quest, other Clan members are unable to accept the Quest again.
  • There are two types of the rewards as they are the personal reward and clan reward. Personal reward will be delivered to the personal mailbox, while the clan reward will be automatically delivered to the clan warehouse.
  • Achieve Clan Quest will be collected from the quest accomplishment. The highest number of quest of each week depends on the level of the manager.
  • Activity Point and Crystal Piece of Bondage which have been received from the Achieve Clan Quest will be sent to the clan.
  • Click “Enlarge the Detail” to read the details, players can immediately accomplished the Quest using the Proof of Blood, however you will not get the Personal Reward via this way.


  • If Clan members receiving the quest and later leave the Clan, the quest will become unavailable.
  • The new clan members will not be able to do the ๆuest until the new quest on the next Monday.


Dinner Caretaker0222_01

  • Players access to the food menu by clicking “Dinner” button.


  • Clan members are required to accomplish Azit Quest in order to get the raw materials for cooking supper (buff).
  • There are three levels of suppers, general supper, fine supper and the finest supper . Each supper level has three portions, small, medium and large. The levels of suppers are related to the level of the hired manager.

Click here to enlare the picture

As from the picture

– Manager Level >>Classification of the hired managers.

– Dinner >>Type of food that the Manager in each level is able to cook.

– Effect >>Effect// Effectiveness of the Dinner (Buff)

– Limit >>Frequency of allowance for Buff acceptance

– Time >>Length of time for Buff display (minutes)

– Buff Holding Time >>Length of time for the player to accept Buff after finish cooking.


  • The finest supper can be served to the larger number of clan members than the general supper.
  • When players accept the same type of supper again, the remaining time for supper buffing will be reset.
  • To accept the higher grade of the existing supper will cause the buff supper to be deleted and the new supper will be replaced.
  • To accept the lower grade of the existing supper will cause the buff supper to be deleted and the new supper will be replaced.
  • Players are able to accept the dinner of the same level in the different menu and the Effects will not be identical, for example: player can accept buff from the Small Dinner and the medium dinner at the same time and still get the effects of both dinners.




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